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David W. Zwart
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Highly successful geophysicist with over 40 years of diverse experience in the oil and gas industry. Aggressive prospect generator; thorough play/project analyzer, efficient deal-screener. Especially effective at integrating geological and geophysical data in both exploration and development plays. 3-D seismic design, processing, and interpretation experience. Proficient on Kingdom 2D/3D Pack interpretation software, and LogM synthetic modeling software. Confident, conscientious self-starter with excellent presentation and communication skills.


PreSeis EXPLORATION CONSULTANTS, INC., Lexington, Virginia 1994-Present
President and Chief Geophysicist
Providing geophysical and geological consulting services to the domestic and international oil and gas industry.


• Interpreted and mapped multiple 2D and 3D data sets in Marcellus Shale Play in Pennsylvania since 2006; worked with exploration clients to plan lateral borehole designs and successfully geo-steer numerous well paths in Marcellus target zones.


• Supervised the design, acquisition, and processing of a 3D seismic program over a very complex Oriskany gas storage field in SW PA; interpreted the 3D data set and recommended new locations to client; to date two highly successful development infill wells have been drilled on this work.
• Interpreted and mapped extensive 2D data set for active participant in southern NY Trenton/Black River play. Several successful development offset locations were drilled on this work. Oversaw the design, acquisition, and processing of a 52-square mile 3D survey in this area (spring 2002). Interpretation of this 3D yielded several new Trenton/Black River development locations which were drilled in 2003/2004. Total field reserves exceeded 120 BCFG.
• Interpreted/mapped another significant T/BR 3D in northern PA, and several other 2D data sets in the T/BR play of WV and southern NY for various clients.
• Interpreted extensive 2D data sets, incorporating both older lines and new shooting, in complex Oriskany structural play of western PA, WV, and VA. Four new field discoveries have been drilled on this work to date. One of these discoveries led to the shooting of a 40 square mile 3D; the interpretation of this data set resulted in three successful development wells and no dry holes (total reserves discovered were 17 BCFG).
• Supervised the design, acquisition, and processing of a significant 2D and 3D seismic program in WV for a gas storage company. Interpreted the 2D data set; several infill Oriskany development wells are being drilled on this work.
• Utilizing detailed synthetic modeling and high resolution 2D seismic data, mapped Oriskany stratigraphic prospects in Stagecoach trend, NY. An apparent new field discovery was drilled on this work.
• Interpreted three significant 3-D surveys in the Ohio Knox Unconformity play: Bakersville Field (Beekmantown subcrop), Ashtabula (Rose Run subcrop), and Lobdell Creek (Trempealeau subcrop). Several successful Knox tests have been drilled on the Lobdell Creek and Ashtabula interpretations to date.
• Interpreted numerous 2D and 2D swath data sets in the Ohio Knox play leading to the drilling of seven new field discovery wells and several successful development wells. Several of these wells have produced over 1 BCFGE.

APACHE CORPORATION, Denver, Colorado 1990-1994
Senior Staff Geophysicist to Geophysical Supervisor (1992)
Responsible for all aspects of geophysical function in region: seismic data acquisition/program design, contractor selection, quality control of data processing, computer modeling, interpretation, and data base management.

• Integrated geological data and 2-D seismic grid into new interpretation of extremely complex structure at Grant Canyon field, NV. Based on this work, two high-volume development wells were completed (3,200 BOPD and 2,500 BOPD IP's), adding substantial new reserves to Apache's production base.
• Designed and supervised the acquisition of Apache's first 3-D seismic program (Grant Canyon field), as well as a stratigraphic-oriented 3-D in NE Wyoming. Interpretation of Grant Canyon 3-D led to the identification of a previously unseen fault block, and the completion of a new-pool discovery well which IP'd for 4,500 BOPD.
• Utilizing extensive synthetic modeling and relevant geological data, interpreted seismic data base in Minnelusa (stratigraphic) play of NE Wyoming. Generated numerous wildcat prospects, one of which became a new-field discovery with an IP of 435 BOPD.

Managed the disposition of exploration properties in the Rocky Mountains for former employer (McMoRan Oil & Gas); provided geophysical/geological consulting services to several industry clients.

• Sold five drillable prospects and several undeveloped acreage blocks to industry partners.
• Comprehensive evaluations of over 30 prospect/play submittals for industry clients.
• Mapped in-house geophysical/geological data sets on a consulting basis for Balcron Oil Co. and Apache Corp.

McMoRan OIL & GAS CO., Denver, Colorado 1982-1986
Senior Geologist to Region Exploration Manager (1984)
Lead Geologist for region. After promotion to Exploration Manager, supervised staff of 19 professionals, technicians, and support personnel.

• Directed development of three major new exploration plays for company in Williston and Powder River basins. One resulted in a new field discovery well which had an IP of 789 BOPD.
• Instrumental in successfully marketing interests in several prospects to industry partners, and coordinating company's involvement in numerous joint ventures.
• Geologically evaluated company's acreage blocks in thrust-belt plays of Utah, Idaho, and Nevada.

THE ANSCHUTZ CORPORATION, Denver, Colorado 1979-1981
Senior Geophysicist
Geophysical interpretation and prospect generation in numerous Rocky Mountain and Mid-Continent basins.

• Generated seismic prospect in the Marietta basin (OK) which resulted in the discovery of a 4 million barrel oil field (SE Joiner City). A second discovery on a separate prospect also resulted from this work.
• Seismically evaluated several company exploration acreage blocks in the Williston and Sand Wash basins. Two new field discoveries resulted from this work.
• Assisted in geophysical evaluation of company's exploration acreage in the Overthrust belt (WY and UT).

CHEVRON, USA, Denver, Colorado 1975-1979
Geophysicist to Exploration Geologist (1977) to Development Geologist (1978)
Rotated through key geoscience disciplines in active areas to gain valuable broad experience.

• Interpreted, mapped, and recommended discovery well location for Carter Creek field, WY (IP 4.7 MMCF gas and 150 BO per day). This major field has recoverable reserves of approximately 40 million BOE.
• Geological evaluation of structurally complex SE Marietta field (OK) that resulted in the drilling of a deeper pool discovery which IP'd for 1.5 MMCFGPD.
• Comprehensive review of company's Flat Lake field (MT), including analysis of cores and logs from 70 wells. Chevron drilled over 20 infill wells based on this work.
• Wellsite geologist on deep wildcat well in DJ basin (NB) and development well in Williston basin (ND).


M.S., Engineering Management (Geology Major): 1975
University of Tulsa; Tulsa, OK.
Graduated with GPA of 4.0/4.0

B.S., Earth Sciences (Geophysics Option): 1973
University of Tulsa; Tulsa, OK.
Graduated with Honors; GPA of 4.0/4.0


American Association of Petroleum Geologists
Geophysical Society of Pittsburgh
Denver Geophysical Society