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Geophysicist with over 35 years of domestic and international experience in the oil and gas industry. Aggressive prospect generator, integrating geologic and geophysical data, with state of the art computer system, using the Kingdom 2D/3D Pak computer software. Independent worker with excellent presentation/communication skills.  Solid technical skills with a Masters in Business Administration to guide exploration strategies for success. Expert witness experience

5/98 to present GEOPHYSICAL CONSULTANT: Onshore U.S. and International
Clients: PreSeis Exploration Consultants [for PGE, Penn Energy, Cabot, Chevron/Atlas Energy, Abarta, AltaMesa, CNX, GLEP, Great Plains, Columbia Gas [Nisource], EnerVest, T&F, Ardent Resources, Axiall, as partial list], Hunt Oil, Decker Energy, HESS, Output Exploration, Globex Energy.

Appalachian Basin:

• Supervised design, acquisition and processing of 3D and interpreted/mapped a highly complex Oriskany Sand Storage Field (fractured tight sands) in southern PA, northern MD.
• Interpreted/mapped 3D & 2D data for Marcellus & Utica Shale/Point Pleasant and successfully guided multiple Marcellus Shale horizontal wellbores.
• Interpreted/mapped 3D & 2D data sets in the porous Rose Run and Theresa Sand Plays, NY and Ohio.
• Interpreted/mapped 2D data set in Structural Oriskany in southern Pennsylvania. Multi-layer gas discovery based on recommended well site.
• Supervised design, acquisition and processing of 3Ds, Interpreted/mapped 2D & 3D data sets in Beekmantown Play in Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio. Multiple gas discoveries based on recommended well sites.
• Supervised design, acquisition and processing of 2D program.  Interpreted/mapped 2D data set for Onondaga Reef potential in Northern Pennsylvania. Defined several reef anomalies. Drilled successful reef discovery in 2007.
• Interpreted/mapped 2D data sets for Oriskany Salt-cored Structural and Stratigraphic 2nd Bench --
Defined over 3000 acres of unrisked potential in Oriskany and Trenton. Drilled successful Oriskany discovery in 2008.
• Interpreted/mapped 2D data set in the Trenton/Black River play in Southern New York. Identified multiple Trenton/Black River lead areas.
• Interpreted/evaluated 3D volume within the Trenton/Black River play in Ohio to assist client in post-drill analysis and sidetrack potential of Trenton/Black River wildcat well.
• Interpreted/evaluated 2D data for Trenton/Black River potential w/n the Rome Trough play, WV
• Interpreted/mapped 2D data sets in the Tennessee Overthrust Belt, including Swan Creek Field, in TN & VA. Identified multiple lead areas, with estimated 15,000+ acres (unrisked) of potential.
• Interpreted/mapped 2D & 3D data sets in the Broadtops Oriskany play in WV and VA. Identified multiple lead areas on work to date, with estimated 6,000+ acres (unrisked) of potential.

California: 3D/2D interpretations of Lathrop, Winters, Mokelumne, Tracy, etc in Sacramento Basin, field studies as well as prospect development. Identified over 7000 acres (unrisked) potential.
Oklahoma: 3D interpretation in southern Oklahoma; thrust fault play
West Texas: Mapped 3D in Carbonate play in the Midland Basin for infill potential.
East Texas: Mapped Cotton Valley pinnacle reef play and shallower objectives, identified
5266 (unrisked) acres of potential.
Louisiana: Hackberry study, both 2D seismic and wells, in Calcasieu Parish, identified
17,079 acres (unrisked) of potential.
Offshore Beibu Gulf China: Mapped both 3D and 2D at Liushagang, Weizhou, Joiwei horizons
to evaluate project; identified 771 million barrel potential (unrisked) reserves.

10/97 to 5/98 Division Geophysicist Interior Basins Onshore U.S.
Supervisor for Exploration: North Dakota, Montana, California, East Texas and Permian Basin. Interpreter for Midland Basin, Texas and Winters Pinchout play in California, utilizing GeoQuest workstation. Responsible for QC of 3D acquisition/processing for group.
Discovered 70 feet of Winters pay, Elkhorn Slough Field, Solano Co., CA
Discovered 65 feet of Winters pay, Grand Island Field, Sacramento Co., CA

12/94 to 10/97 Division Geophysicist Exploitation/Development Onshore U.S.
Supervisor for Exploitation: Onshore U.S. and Exploration: North Dakota, Montana, California, and Permian Basin. Interpreter for Midland Basin, Texas and Winters Pinchout play in California and portion of Lodgepole play in North Dakota, utilizing GeoQuest and Photon workstations.
Responsible for QC of 3D acquisition/processing for group.
Drilled 4 wells south of Adair Field, Gaines Co, TX: 3 discoveries/200+bopd

2/92 to 12/94 Senior Professional Geophysicist
Exploration /Development of the Sacramento Basin, CA
Winters Pinchout Play -- Interpreted and mapped Winters sand pinchouts with 1500 miles of 2D seismic; developed nine prospects, using AVO and modeling techniques.
5 of 8 wells drilled productive, 4 iped @ 3 to 5 mmcfpd
Marsh Creek/Forbes Play -- Interpreted and mapped nine prospects and leads [six were highgrading previous leads] Drilled one well, reservoir poor.
Drilled Lathrop test in San Joaquin Co., non-producer deep, pay in Mokelumne, 5 mmcfpd
Stockton Arch Play -- Developed four lead areas

9/91 to 2/92 Exploration/Development Midland Basin, TX
Interpreted and mapped Fusselman, Ellenberger and Strawn trends regionally with 2000+ miles of 2D seismic and produced 20 leads, six drillable prospects and 3 producing wells.
QCed acquisition and processing of three 3D’s in Howard/Martin Cos.
Interpreted all on GeoQuest -- one producer in Fusselman, one in Penn reef.

7/89 to 9/91 Exploration Central Basin Platform and Delaware Basin Ellenberger/Devonian
Interpreted 3D on GeoQuest in Delaware Basin. Interpreted/mapped Ellenberger regionally 2D data and produced ten leads and two drillable prospects in Gaines and Andrews Cos, TX. Interpreted/mapped Devonian regionally 2D data - produced six leads on Central Basin Platform, Lea Co., NM

Senior Geophysicist
Exploration and development in the Frio and Yegua trends, South Texas
Interpreted and mapped 2D data, recommended four well locations
Utilized computer to analyze production data to aid in well sites
Special assignment to Offshore Group, SMI 98

Senior Geophysicist
Exploration/Exploitation Williston Basin, ND
Responsible for four well locations, two productive, in Fryburg extension play and discovery at
Davis Creek Field
Interpreted/mapped with isochron maps, velocity modeling and stratigraphic info to produce detailed structural maps over Hawkeye, Antelope, Fryburg, Medora Fields. Responsible for seismic data acquisition/processing over fields, portable dynamite and Vibroseis, including pseudo 3D swath shooting. Utilized Landmark in 2D and 3D interpretation
Exploration Jurassic and Cretaceous in Arklatex area
Regional and prospect mapping with seismic stratigraphy and gravity/magnetics
Responsible for QC of seismic acquisition and processing
Regionally mapped Smackover in Wood, Van Zandt, Rains Cos, TX, developed six prospects
Interpreted/mapped Down-dip Woodbine trend, two well locations generated

9/81 TO 11/83 TEXACO, INC
Geophysicist Interpreter
Geophysical/Geological exploration of Wilcox in five counties, South TX
Regional and prospect mapping (seismic and well logs), developed 8 prospects
Drilled deep Upper Wilcox producer at S. Campana Field, 1.5 mmcfpd
Developed processing sequences for geophysical modeling

2/80 to 9/81 Geophysicist
Seismic data processor, land and marine
Special projects group: South China Sea, North Sea, United Arab Emirates, Onshore California
Denver project Group: Williston Basin


1976 to 1979 B.S. in Physics, Stephen F. Austin St. University, Nacogdoches, TX Minor: Math, 14 Hrs Geology
GPA overall: 3.1 GPA Physics: 3.25 GPA Geology: 4.0 [A = 4.0]
AWARDS: Fellowship of Freshman Physics Student, 1976-77
ORGANIZATIONS: Society of Physics Students/Sigma Pi Sigma [Physics Honor]
1984 to 1986 Master of Business Administration, University of Houston GPA: 3.34 [A = 4.0]


Society of Exploration Geophysicists  ♦  Society of Independent Professional Earth Scientists  ♦ 
Geophysical Society of Pittsburgh